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Oct 09, 2020
A wee bit aff Info. Don't open letters for tax bills, just write on the front right hand corner !!! Just send it back with, addressee not recognised, no contract, return to sender. If they cannot get a "me" to accept the person, they have no one to bill, that simple.  Do this every late March.....Ironically around the time the State tells "persons" that their offer of contract is cast out.  If I have to reply to them, which I don't !, then it would be simple to refute their assumptions, Something along the lines of...  I am a man/woman (they may wish to call me all sorts like occupier, dweller and so on...), I require you to verify this claim, so that I may answer the claim, and discharge the claim. They will simply ignore or struggle to verify their claim, therefore their claim is dead in the water.  Right from the start tell them..... I am a man/woman, and you have no claim upon the flesh.  Doing so stops you paying for the harm and loss caused by this criminal enterprise that harrasses people for alleged services they cannot opt out of or give consideration too, as these folk also believe they too are "persons". (police, politicians ect)  This is because it is forced upon anyone who represents the person/title.  God made man in his own image.  The state tries to define you as pretty much anything they want really.  Of course the council are going to YOU, You have no contract with them, it’s true.  But what they didn’t tell YOU was they don’t need have a contract with YOU , as the man/woman (YOU), as they already have one in place with me representing the "person". (JOE BLOGS) (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) So telling the truth, just not all of it.  Every avenue of attack will be perused from those who want you to represent fiction.   Even when responding to a complaint in their courts do it at an even earlier stage, soon as I stepped into their court, to discharge their complaint, for example that I was liable for council tax, I can quashed it before hand.  State that..... I am a man/woman, and are here to hear claims against me or hand to the plaintiff a hand written note stating the obvious...I am a flesh and blood man made in the image of God and seek to hear these complaints against me at the Queens bench.  YOU shall only represent YOURSELF as the LAY BEARER and present your Birth certificate/legal fiction. But even before court, Send all of their summonses back with Addressee not recognised, no contract, return to sender on them, and they won’t been able to hook a living man or woman to a "person", therefore they can't been served. Even now remind YOURSELF that when they serve any kind of order on YOU a living man or Woman , STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF can only ENRICH YOUR LIFE.  As all orders, come with a bill, from me, under my terms. Offer, consideration, acceptance/agreement, performance.  BE A MAN AND WOMAN, that’s where your remedy lies.  I wish nobody ill will, or harm, and I don’t like to see anyone suffer unnecessarily.  At the moment Our community's are suffering, and the system is corrupt  But help is still here for those who want to learn, even you. the choice is yours.  Do no harm  Cause no loss  Pay what you owe.
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