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Speeding fines
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Jan 31, 2021
For future reference, should anyone else want to use this, here is what I sent to the Council issuing the PCN, notice I am not executing my Common Law rights, but using their own bollox against them. :) "I have received documentation from your organisation in regards to a Penalty Charge Notice issued on the 15th January 2021, I have called into your organisation this morning and spoke with a nice gentleman called XXXXXXXXXX who advised me to contact you via email. I am writing asking for proof or evidence of which you can rely on in a court of law of whether section 144, Transport Act 2000, Bus Lane Contraventions (penalty Charges, Adjudication and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005 supersedes the English Bill of Rights 1688, whereby it states that, "That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons before Conviction are illegal and void.” This is in direct breach of my rights, as far as I can see there is zero provision in the act this PCN has been issued whereby it  states unequivocally, said act supersedes the English Bill of Rights 1688. In regards to your infraction, I will take this as a procedural error on your part, unless substantial proof of which you can rely on in a court of Law, is submitted to me highlighting the fact that indeed this PCN is not in direct breach of my rights. Please do not respond to me charting your processes with regards to issuance of PCN's, the question here is a very simple one, I will not entertain any diatribe that stems away from the question posed to your organisation. I have attached the front and reverse side of the document sent to me within this email, it clearly shows that there are 5 mentions of fines, yet there has been no court action whereby I can defend myself in relation to the PCN. Do not even think that a court case will be proceeded with for me to even defend, as this will only highlight further matters, I wish right now to not disclose. This is a breach of my rights. If you deem that I am still to pay without providing a shred of evidence to support your assertion, then your organisation agrees to pay me £5000 in regards to the breach of my rights, of which I am entitled to enforce with reasonable methods. Please confirm in your next correspondence if the matter is now closed? Kind Regards I will post the response once I hear back from them :) nayga73


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