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Back in the days, back in the 70s and 80s, art was a great deal more freer and also a lot more open to speculation than it is now. However it was far too easy to figure out the intentions of a painter or a sculptor, so the majority of artists stayed in the “professional” world, dedicating their life to making art for the financial gain that would follow. There were a number of artists who took an interest in the “underground” art of the day, in various forms and with various different beliefs and objectives. Among them, one of the more bizarre groups was the Abstract Expressionists. These folks, in the early part of the century, were attempting to put the pieces of a vast puzzle together, and had a tendency to submerge and lose themselves in a chaotic barrage of colour and movement. The fact that there was a lot of money to be made in the art market by these people as opposed to their predecessors, had a lot to do with it. In fact, on an intellectual level, the early Abstract Expressionists had a lot of common ground with the hippies and the counter culture of the 60s. They were both attempting to question their own values, and attempt to express a sense of loss and grief in an effort to become more human. The majority of these guys, however, fell into the former camp and were so intent on making money from their art that they paid little attention to where they stood on the wall, as well as being very much a part of the scene. However, a few artists had a much stronger sense of what they were trying to achieve and were only interested in painting “meaningful things”, irrespective of whether or not anyone could make sense of them. They were called the Pop Artists, and they were a group of people who stood out not only for their own crazy sense of brilliance, but for the fact that they were almost always having a social and political commentary to offer. They were also about as far from the hippies as you can get, as they were more of a generation of idealists, who believed that a truly democratic society would be an artful one, and that the world could be a much better place if we all worked together in harmony. It was something that many of these guys knew from their own childhood, and so they used their art to speak of these




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Descargar Videos Gratis De Purenudism Com
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